About Us

MiNi Money is a FinTech that develops and deloys Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Solutions while decentralizing finance for Payments, Remittances, Exchanges & FREE Communication.

According to the World Bank, Africa is the most expensive remittances destination in the World at high rates of 14%, & an average of 10% compared to 7% of the remittance value in the rest of the World.

According to UNICEF, children born to underage, youth, unemployed, refugee, unbanked or underbanked parents are the most vulnerable as well as the World Bank’s reports that indicate Africa has a high unemployment rate.

We are solving the above problems with MiMi, a peer to peer mobile blockchain platform that reduces Africa's high cost of remittances from as high as 14% to 7% on average for fiat or even further to 2% (with Exchange) or 0.5% (without Exchange) of the remitted amount. MiMi is also useful for the unbanked Africans while providing multitudes of jobs to computer & smart phone literate youth as end process agents of MiMi Money across Africa.

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